What is a VBOX-PREV file & how do I open a VBOX-PREV file (Oracle VM VirtualBox Settings Backup File)?

.VBOX-PREV (Oracle VM VirtualBox Settings Backup File) - File Extension

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What is a VBOX-PREV File?

The “VBOX-PREV” file extension is a backup file created by Oracle VM VirtualBox, a program used for virtualizing guest operating systems.

It serves as a snapshot of the previous state of a .VBOX file, which contains configuration settings for a virtual machine.

The VBOX-PREV file is generated in the same directory as the VBOX file and can be utilized to restore previous settings, providing a safety net in case of configuration changes or errors.

How to Open a VBOX-PREV File

Opening a VBOX-PREV file requires the use of Oracle VM VirtualBox. Once VirtualBox is installed, simply launch the application and navigate to the “File” menu.

From there, select “Import Appliance” and choose the VBOX-PREV file you wish to open. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the import process, and VirtualBox will restore the virtual machine to its previous state.

How to Convert a VBOX-PREV File

Converting a VBOX-PREV file to another format is not a typical operation, as its purpose is primarily for backup and restoration within VirtualBox.

But if needed, it’s possible to extract the configuration settings from the VBOX-PREV file and manually apply them to a different virtual machine configuration file (.VBOX).

This process requires a good understanding of VirtualBox’s configuration settings and may involve some manual editing.

Security Considerations: Are “.VBOX-PREV” Files Safe?

VBOX-PREV files themselves do not pose a security risk, as they are simply backups of virtual machine configurations.

But, hey, like any file, they should be stored securely to prevent unauthorized access.

Also, since VBOX-PREV files contain configuration data, they could potentially expose sensitive information about the virtual machine setup if accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Format Details for VBOX-PREV Files

VBOX-PREV files are essentially XML files that contain metadata and configuration settings for a virtual machine.

They are structured in a format that is readable by Oracle VM VirtualBox and contain information such as the virtual hardware configuration, storage settings, and network configuration.

Uses and Applications of VBOX-PREV Files

VBOX-PREV files are primarily used for creating backups of virtual machine configurations in Oracle VM VirtualBox.

They allow users to revert to a previous state of their virtual machine settings, which can be useful for troubleshooting, experimentation, or recovering from configuration errors.

Associated Software Programs

Oracle VM VirtualBox is the primary software program used to open and create VBOX-PREV files.

It is a free and open-source virtualization platform that supports a wide range of operating systems and configurations.

Other virtualization software may not be compatible with VBOX-PREV files, as they are specific to VirtualBox.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VBOX-PREV Files


  • Provides a simple and effective way to backup and restore virtual machine configurations.
  • Allows users to revert to previous settings in case of configuration errors or changes.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Oracle VM VirtualBox, making it easy to manage virtual machine backups.


  • Limited compatibility with other virtualization software.
  • Requires Oracle VM VirtualBox to open and restore backups.


Compared to other virtual machine backup formats, such as VMware’s .vmx format, VBOX-PREV files offer similar functionality but are specific to Oracle VM VirtualBox.

They are XML-based like many other virtual machine configuration files, but their compatibility is restricted to VirtualBox.

Troubleshooting VBOX-PREV Files

If you encounter issues opening or restoring a VBOX-PREV file, ensure that you are using the correct version of Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Plus, check that the file has not been corrupted or modified since it was created. If problems persist, consult the VirtualBox documentation or community forums for further assistance.

History of the VBOX-PREV File Extension

The VBOX-PREV file extension was introduced as part of Oracle VM VirtualBox’s feature set to provide users with a convenient way to backup and restore virtual machine configurations.

Its development is closely tied to the evolution of VirtualBox as a virtualization platform, with updates and enhancements being made over time to improve its functionality and compatibility.

Tips and Tricks for VBOX-PREV Files

  • Regularly backup your virtual machine configurations to VBOX-PREV files to ensure you have a recent snapshot available in case of emergencies.
  • Store VBOX-PREV files in a secure location to prevent unauthorized access or tampering.
  • Document any changes made to your virtual machine configurations and their associated VBOX-PREV files to track changes and facilitate troubleshooting.

More information

Here are a few additional points regarding the VBOX-PREV file extension:

Version Compatibility: It’s essential to note that VBOX-PREV files are generally compatible with the version of VirtualBox that created them. While newer versions of VirtualBox may still be able to open older VBOX-PREV files, there could be compatibility issues or missing features if significant changes have been made to the software.

Automation and Scripting: Advanced users and system administrators often leverage VBOX-PREV files in automated backup and deployment processes. VirtualBox provides command-line tools and APIs that enable users to script the creation and restoration of virtual machine backups, including VBOX-PREV files.

Collaborative Development: In scenarios where multiple users collaborate on virtual machine configurations or development projects, VBOX-PREV files serve as a convenient means of sharing and synchronizing configuration changes. By sharing VBOX-PREV files, team members can quickly revert to a common baseline or test different configurations without disrupting others.

Disk Space Considerations: Since VBOX-PREV files contain complete snapshots of virtual machine configurations, they can occupy a significant amount of disk space, especially for complex or resource-intensive setups. Users should be mindful of storage capacity and consider implementing strategies such as compression or offloading backups to external storage to manage disk space usage effectively.

Migration and Transfer: When migrating virtual machines between different physical hosts or platforms, VBOX-PREV files can simplify the transfer process by encapsulating all necessary configuration settings in a single file. This facilitates seamless migration and ensures consistency across different environments.

Version Control Integration: In software development environments where version control systems like Git or SVN are used, incorporating VBOX-PREV files into the version control workflow can provide additional benefits. By tracking changes to VBOX-PREV files alongside source code and other assets, developers can maintain a comprehensive history of project configurations and easily revert to previous states if needed.


In conclusion, the VBOX-PREV file extension serves as a valuable tool for users of Oracle VM VirtualBox, providing a straightforward way to backup and restore virtual machine configurations.

While it may have limitations in terms of compatibility with other virtualization platforms, its ease of use and integration with VirtualBox make it an essential feature for managing virtual environments effectively.

By understanding how to utilize and manage VBOX-PREV files, users can ensure the stability and reliability of their virtualized systems.

Software Compatible With The VBOX-PREV File Type
Oracle VM VirtualBox Settings Backup File

In this section you will find a list of the best programs compatible with the VBOX-PREV file type. We've selected the best software for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux to open, edit, convert and view the contents of VBOX-PREV files.