What is a SIS file & how do I open a SIS file (Steam Game Backup Information File)?

.SIS (Steam Game Backup Information File) - File Extension

Developer: Valve

What is a SIS File?

“SIS” files serve as information files within the Steam gaming platform. They contain metadata and other essential data related to games or applications downloaded or installed through Steam.

How to open a SIS file:

Steam Client: The primary method to open “.SIS” files is through the Steam client itself. Upon installation or download of games or applications via Steam, associated “.SIS” files are automatically managed by the client.

Text Editors: While not recommended for manipulation due to their specific format, “.SIS” files can be opened with text editors for viewing purposes.

How to convert a SIS File:

No Conversion Tools: Conversion of “.SIS” files to other formats or vice versa is not typically required or supported, as these files are primarily used by the Steam platform for internal information management.

Security Considerations: Are “.SIS” Files Safe?

Internal Use: “.SIS” files are used internally by the Steam platform and are not executable files. Therefore, they do not pose inherent security risks.

Format Details for SIS Files:

Metadata Storage: “.SIS” files store metadata and other essential information related to games or applications downloaded or installed through Steam. Text-Based: These files are typically text-based and can be opened and viewed with a simple text editor.

Uses and Applications of SIS Files:

Information Storage: “.SIS” files are crucial for storing metadata and other essential information about games and applications within the Steam ecosystem.

Associated Software Programs:

Steam Client: The primary software program associated with “.SIS” files is the Steam client, which manages these files internally.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SIS Files:

Advantages: Efficient storage of metadata and information related to games and applications within the Steam platform. Disadvantages: Limited use outside of the Steam ecosystem, as these files are specific to the platform.


Similar Extensions: “.SIS” files differ significantly from other file extensions, such as “.exe” or “.dll”, which are executable files used for software installation or execution.

Troubleshooting SIS Files:

File Corruption: If encountering issues with “.SIS” files, users can try verifying the integrity of game files within the Steam client to resolve any potential corruption.

History of the SIS File Extension:

Origins: The “.SIS” file extension was likely developed by Valve Corporation, the creators of the Steam platform, to facilitate the management of metadata and other information within the platform.

Tips and Tricks for SIS Files:

Hands-off Approach: Users typically do not need to interact directly with “.SIS” files, as they are managed internally by the Steam client. Therefore, it’s advisable to refrain from modifying or manipulating these files manually.

Additional Considerations for SIS Files:

Version Compatibility: It’s essential to ensure that the version of the Steam client being used is compatible with the “.SIS” files associated with specific games or applications. Updating the Steam client regularly can help mitigate any compatibility issues.

Backup and Restoration: While “.SIS” files are primarily managed internally by the Steam client, users may benefit from backing up their game files, including associated “.SIS” files, to prevent loss of data in the event of system failures or reinstallation of the Steam client.

Customization Options: Some users may explore customization options within the Steam client that involve modifying certain aspects of game metadata stored in “.SIS” files. However, caution should be exercised when making such modifications to avoid unintended consequences or conflicts.

Community Resources: Online communities and forums dedicated to gaming and Steam-related topics may provide additional insights and tips regarding the management and manipulation of “.SIS” files. Engaging with these communities can help users navigate any challenges or uncertainties related to these files.

Legal Considerations: Users should be aware of any legal implications associated with modifying or redistributing “.SIS” files, as doing so may violate the terms of service or end-user license agreements established by Valve Corporation for the use of the Steam platform.

Future Developments: As the Steam platform evolves and introduces new features or functionalities, the role and significance of “.SIS” files may also undergo changes. Staying informed about updates and developments within the Steam ecosystem can help users adapt their strategies for managing these files effectively.


While “.SIS” files primarily serve as information files within the Steam platform, there are various additional considerations and factors that users should keep in mind when dealing with these files.

By understanding their role, ensuring compatibility, taking precautions for data backup, exploring customization options cautiously, leveraging community resources, adhering to legal guidelines, and staying informed about future developments, users can effectively manage and navigate the complexities associated with “.SIS” files within the context of gaming and application management on Steam.

Software Compatible With The SIS File Type
Steam Game Backup Information File

In this section you will find a list of the best programs compatible with the SIS file type. We've selected the best software for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux to open, edit, convert and view the contents of SIS files.